Marble Face

© April 2020 Flying Stone

This morning I woke from a very weird dream
Had seen you laying in a coffin, motionless, cold
But with flickering eyes searching solace and love
So I kissed you on your mouth, so frosty it was
in a beautiful marble face

When we met, I remember, for the very first time
Telling bits of what was going on in our minds
And the wish to hear more, grew incredibly fast
Like desire to feel, desire to fuse

We were not young any more, life had caused many scars
But we both needed change, a new chapter in our books
And there was enough energy and will to take risks
Getting lovers, companions, friends

Well, the passion, it tends to fade with the years
And perhaps longing grows for somebody else
But when I woke from this dream my feelings were strong
Canít lose you! Canít lose you! Canít lose you!