You Have A Problem

© May 2011 Flying Stone

A rainy day I met you sitting lonely in a bar, playing busy with your
mobile phone, an old funny little thing
I sat myself beside and took a beer, began to write into my diary
Outside the rain had stopped me walk to the quay

A winter night we had a trip out to your weekend house, you said you love it
‘cause it’s at the sea, like the house you grew up in the South
We were in love and tried to come along with feelings growing deep in our hearts and in this
nature, dark and strong we faced the trouble in ourselves

Sometimes you eat me up with your black eyes, yes you do
Shooting words like bullets you say: “You have a problem”
Then I may get very angry, say bad words or run away
But I come back, because I know: you love me, your love me, you love me – yes, you do!

A summer night the sun was up, and we had distant times and felt so strange and couldn’t
tell the reason why we didn’t see each other any more
“Now I know what type of person you are”, you said, and I got mad, wishing all women to hell
Because they try to take control and do not wonna take me as I am.

Repeat 1