Run Away

Jul 1999 Flying Stone

When I met her had no chance,
felt in love - amazing soul!
Believed I knew her thousand years,
her eyes had broken up my shell.

I run away, away, away,
mile by mile, no stop, no stay.
Hear her voice, her voice, her voice,
it fills my heart, leaves me no choice.
Why she's gone, oh, why she's gone?
Let me forget, cannot regret!
Why she's gone, oh, why she's gone?
Have mercy, oh, let me forget!

Then worked together week by week,
recordings and concerts with the band.
But, the hell - saw an image all the time!
Projection of my soul, not of hers!.

Through ups and downs the pressure grew,.
her bits got stronger, no more fun.
My image broge down, piece by piece,
until we said "good bye" - give me release!.