Who Am I?

May 1999 Flying Stone

[the pedestrian]
You look from posters, wide open Your eyes,
pretty Your face, erotic and far.
You lay on the floor, Your head in the hand
look like a woman, look like a child.

[the model]
When all my roles have gone away, fallen down the stairs I stay.
When all the masks don't work no more and nothing's left to hide my soul:
Who am I? Can You imagine - who am I?
Who am I? Feel so weak! I'm gonna cry.

[the photographer]
Okay girl, relax, and we will try it again.
Stretch Your right leg and put Your head on Your arm!
Touch the floor with Your hand, lay the elbow on Your breast!
Look as if You're obsessed by a great sensual love.

[the reporter]
How do You feel? Are You all right again?
What makes You happy? When do You feel good?
Have You realized how lucky You were?
Twenty five years and a millionaire!