Green Tunnel

Mar 1999 Flying Stone

Three friends and me
in my car going to Berlin..
Evening, the sun goes down,
the shadows of the trees get longer.

Dancing in the club with pretty young girls,
drinking beer and spirits until midnight passed far.
Way back in the night, like an arrow my car.
We feel so high until the movie breaks.


Tuned my car, made it faster.
Fly through the trees, oh yeah!
On the road I'm the master,
feeling high, feeling great: the green tunnel we pass!

Wake up and try
to rise my head, look into the mirror.
See my forehead, my eyes:
The left eye, my head, all bandaged!

Then very slow, piece by piece,
memory comes back, of our fast trip back home.
A police man shows a picture of an accidented car.
One friend in a clinic, the other two: lost!

My skull fixed with plates of steel,
headache when the weather changes..
Sometimes epileptic attacks,
in some years, I's told, I'll loose my memory.

You bragg that You've survived, say the greatest You are.
"Oh, shut up! Do not tell me such stupid stuff!"
Then we go out to the tree with the scar,
put out red pinks into the plastic vase.