Dec 1998 Flying Stone

Searching for the sense of my life I was running through the years.
A child I thought the world be just a game.
No brother, no sister, my mother always near,
protected in my prison, loved and chained.


Please be patient! Don't leave me alone!
I love You, I need You, my friends.
Please be patient! I didn't wonna hurt
Your soul, Your mind, Your heart!

Longing for freedom escaped the prison, came to the other town,
where I met many people, also found some friends.
Then I've found You, my love, and I knew that was more,
more than a game, oh yes, yes it was!

Still searching for my sense of life, I met You, my second heart.
You made me burn like a star crossing the sky!
My internal voice told me to fight to reach Your longing heart
through Your deep eyes, no time to loose, I thought.