Flying Stone

Sep 1998 Flying Stone

Once a stone lived in peace on a boat named "family".
Was satisfied most of the time, felt secure, worked so fine.
But then one day it heard a voice from deep inside the river
calling its forgotten heart, so it let fall itself into the water.

The stone is back into the river, and it’s happy, oho
‘bout all the mercy it has got, it has got.
The stone is back into the river, and is full of thanks
to the women who had forgiven, the women it loves.

The stone slowly began to sink towards the singing ground.
Its second heart began to beat, it felt so warm, felt unbound.
But then it whirled around, wanted to force to reach that ground.
The water, soon a mealstrom, spit it out of its bosom.

The flying stone was deaf and blind, needed just itself.
Even did not realize that it was flying far from ground.
But then the boat named "family" went into the whirling stream
that threw it up to catch the stone and bring it back to its soul.

The reborn stone began to reflect and tried to understand
its feelings for its family and for the singing ground.
And then it started to explain, changed its urgent will
Searching for a new life with place for both its beating hearts.