Don't Wonna Go

Aug 1998 Flying Stone

A child I've been so lucky
in my head nice things like games and fun.
There was no room for trouble, problems, sorrow.
But suddenly the people
started fighting 'gainst each other
for religion or their nationality.

Once more a new life,
oh no, oh no, no!
What is my country, oh
show me where it is!
They say: "Go home,
You are not one of us!"
But here, all my friends,
I don't wonna go. No!

I did not understand
the reason for to fight and for to kill.
I've prayed to God, the god of all, for help.
We had to flee from home and land,
my family, we've lost our friends.
And then we came to Germany.

Hated all the people and their language
that I didn't speak.
Hated myself, cried day by day, night by night.
(...I's so lonesome...)
But I struggled, learned the language,
learned to love my days, then I've found friends.
All seemed quite good until the letter.