Colors of a Soul

Apr 1998 Flying Stone

You are so lonesome, sad feelings follow You.
Nobody's callin', nobody asks for You.
You go out at night, searching someone to talk.
You don't find a soul taking care of You.

Colors shining, flowing out of Your soul.
Talking, crying 'bout Your dreams and Your fear.
Flooding forms of the figures from broken mirrors.
Flooding forms of the figures of Your soul.

Look into the mirror. What do You see in there?
Eyes deep and dark, in a pale and tired face.
Look into these eyes, what they tell of Your soul.
Fly into Your heart, calmness is waiting for You.

See the little flower, lightin' the prison wall!
It's only being, does not want anythin.
Why not do the same? Take Yourself as You are.
Take a sheet and paint, draw Your spirit and heart.