You Might Need Somebody

Mar 1998 Flying Stone

Smoke on my face, dice dance on the Tavli board.
Drunken thoughts swim on a lake of talks.
Voice from the box winding 'round the violine.
You might need somebody.

A kiss, a smile. Throw Your hair in the back!
You feel so good!
Life is short, oh, life is long.
Dream of a never ending story.

Words on a sheet, tellin' the story of my days.
Written songs keep secrets of my soul.
Work never ends, bringin' You up, bringin' You down.
You might need somebody.

Fog in my brain, hiding the ugly side of world.
Pretty shine lies on the model's face.
Wipe out the fog! Look in her eyes, pull down the mask!
She might need somebody.